Hey Kids! (articles for the young & young at heart)

An Afternoon with a Friendly Pig

Meet Eloise the friendly pig. She lives not too far away from us at a friend’s house. When I first met Eloise, she was afraid of me. Actually, she was terrified! Uh, Eloise, I think I should be the frightened one! Eloise could crush me in a second! But no, Eloise is too friendly and… Read more »

Three Things to Know Before You Get a Puppy

We got a puppy!!! His name is Sherwin. Why the name Sherwin? Because that was almost my husband’s name, until his parents decided to name him Eugene instead. We thought Sherwin was too awesome a name to waste, so we put it to good use 🙂 Anyway, everyone always says that puppies are a lot… Read more »

A Llama’s Hidden Talent

Meet Loulou the  llama. Isn’t she lovely? She has dark, soulful eyes and long eyelashes. Her hair feels like yarn and her long neck is easy to hug. And she has a hidden talent… SHE SPITS! She spits really, really well. Up to ten feet away! Llamas spit when they feel threatened or don’t like… Read more »

Ice cream…in Italy!

Two years ago, we took a big family trip to Tuscany, a beautiful part of Italy with lots of villages on top of hills.  Long ago, during the medieval era, people lived on hilltops to be safe. The higher up you are, the harder you are to attack and the harder it is to steal… Read more »

Fun fact about baby elephants

Here’s a fun fact about baby elephants… Baby elephants may look fuzzy and soft…but they’re not! Baby elephants have patches of long hairs on their head and on their bodies.  This hair is extremely coarse — each strand feels like a thick, rough bristle or wire.  Why do they have this hair?  According to experts,… Read more »

Rescuing Turtles

In Florida, there’s a cool place called the Loggerhead Marinelife Center.  Anyone can visit, and it’s a really great place to meet turtles. You see, it’s kind of a turtle hospital.  They even have a turtle ambulance. It’s a place where sick and injured turtles are taken to get better. Here’s a poor little guy… Read more »

My favorite teacher

My favorite teacher is Ms. Neese.  She was my teacher for both first and third grade. Here’s a school photo during the third grade: I don’t know why I wrote “me” above my own photo. It’s not like I would forget it was “me.” Anyway, Ms. Neese was amazing. She had a huge ceramic jar… Read more »

Children’s Day

In the U.S., we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But did you know that in some other countries (such as South Korea), they also celebrate Children’s Day??? Children’s Day falls every year at the beginning of May, and it’s a day filled with parades, fun activities and parties for kids. You might even receive… Read more »