Reviews are rolling in…

The industry reviews are starting to roll in for The Paper Kingdom, and I’m so overjoyed that Kirkus gave the book a starred review (like a critic’s pick)!! Kirkus called it, “A beautiful, must-read tribute to hardworking families and the magic they create.” Per my editor at Penguin Random House, “Starred reviews are rare, and starred reviews from Kirkus are even more rare.”

Folks in the publishing industry know that Kirkus is probably the pickiest review organization of all, so as a writer, it’s quite terrifying to hear from Kirkus. Imagine standing before your toughest, strictest teacher with your homework in your sweaty hand, expecting your work to get ripped to shreds. That’s how it feels.

Read the full Kirkus review here.

My happy dance was fueled partially by joy, and mostly by utter relief.

Book reviews are super important because they influence the acquisition behavior of libraries and bookstores. Will they order your book at all, and if so, how many copies? A while ago, I spoke with the owner of a bookstore in L.A., and she congratulated me on the Kirkus review – she already knew about it because she was placing book orders for next year for her store. Wow!!

To celebrate, I’m giving away one Folded & Gathered copy. F&Gs are the unbounded, advance version sent to book reviewers. Enter on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

The winner will be randomly selected on Friday, December 13.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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