The Turtle Ship is HERE!!!

Last week, I received a very cool surprise — an advance copy of THE TURTLE SHIP!!

It was amazing to hold the actual book in my hands and to flip each page. Colleen‘s paper collage illustrations are stunning and the teeniest tiniest details were crafted with such loving care. The final product is…GORGEOUS. Our wonderful editor Jessica and the team at Lee & Low did such a fabulous job with the book. It’s simply a beautiful object…a work of art!

The book came tied with a ribbon, because it is indeed a gift — the entire publication process has been a gift and I’ve learned so much. And in some ways, it feels like we’ve reached the finish line. But in other ways, it feels like a new challenge is just beginning: I’m talking about the marketing, promoting and selling of the book. I’ve been reading posts and articles that give advice to authors about how to market their books, and I gotta say, a lot of the advice tells me to do things that run counter to how I’m wired. The suggestions, if followed perfectly, will transform me into an aggressive and forceful SALESLADY!!! In other words, I may become the type of person I normally avoid…


No, I’ve decided to do only what I truly enjoy. Life’s too short to do a bunch of stuff you hate, right?

I’ve always drawn inspiration from people who dare to dream big, be they artists or entrepreneurs, courageous kids or remarkable adults. And that’s what this book is about. It’s about a long-ago Korean hero who dared to dream BIG to save his country, all with the help of his small, green turtle. Fortunately, I enjoy telling folks about this story, so maybe the marketing of the book will come naturally!

And now, an announcement from my inner saleslady: The book is available for pre-order on Amazon, B&N, etc. and I’m running a GIVEAWAY!!! Details are here.  🙂