An Afternoon with a Friendly Pig

Eloise taking a break. She’s a pro at relaxing.

Meet Eloise the friendly pig. She lives not too far away from us at a friend’s house. When I first met Eloise, she was afraid of me. Actually, she was terrified! Uh, Eloise, I think I should be the frightened one! Eloise could crush me in a second!

But no, Eloise is too friendly and sweet to crush anyone (on purpose). After squealing loudly at me for a few minutes, I fed her some baby carrots and then she followed me around like I was her best friend.

Baby carrots will earn you a pig’s lifelong friendship.

A couple of facts about Eloise:

  • Eloise has super coarse hair, so you definitely don’t want to rub your face against hers, no matter how lovingly she gazes at you.
  • Most people think that pigs are a ball of mush and fat. But actually, she’s not jiggly at all. If you touch a pig’s back, it will feel very similar to an elephant’s back — strong, tough, sturdy.
  • Unlike dogs, pet pigs don’t need a lot of activity. They’re happy with a snack and a warm spot to relax.
  • According to our friend, a pet pig is “very clean.” Hmmm, after watching Eloise drool on the floor, I’m not so sure about that one.

Eloise hunts for more carrots in our friend’s kitchen.

While hanging out with Eloise, I wondered how she and Sherwin would get along… Since Eloise was afraid of me, my guess is she’d be afraid of Sherwin, too, even though he’s a tiny fraction of her size. Especially if he starts barking. I don’t know…do you think Sherwin looks tough? Should he meet Eloise someday? Maybe if they shared a bowl of baby carrots, they’d become best friends.

Sherwin takes a car ride…to meet Eloise the friendly pig??