A Fun Glimpse into an Artist’s Process

I’m happy to reveal the work in progress of Colleen Kong-Savage, the talented artist who is illustrating THE TURTLE SHIP.  I find absolutely fascinating the thought process behind her artistic choices.  For instance, Colleen is working to find a way to contrast the turtle enough to make him pop off the page, instead of blending into the background.

(All images are courtesy of Colleen Kong-Savage)

You can see that she’s tried various shades and textures for the background, in order to make the turtle stand out.

I always love seeing the work space of artists I admire.  It’s fun to get a glimpse into their world of creation, when they’re all alone and deep in their projects.  It’s like seeing a tactile, outward manifestation of the workings of their brain.  Here’s a photo of Colleen’s work table.  So much brilliance and energy in her paper collages!  It sure looks like A LOT of hard work!!

You can see Colleen’s love for that little turtle shine through.  When I first saw Colleen’s portfolio at the SCBWI summer conference in 2016, her paper collages had me immediately hooked.  Can’t wait for late 2018, when the book will be released!  Until then, be well and please behave, little turtle!