The reason for my absence

When I first launched this website a few months ago, I promised myself that I’d post at least once a week.

Well, three months into this endeavor, I’ve already been absent for an entire month.

The reason for my absence is actually a pretty good one 😉  Our home renovations were finally completed (side note: believe all the warnings about adding double to any home renovation timeline), and we FINALLY moved in.

The photo below is of our freshly-painted front door and exterior, inspired by our travels to Greece last year (Oia on Santorini and Chania on Crete were particularly influential). The bougainvillea was already there (another side note: bougainvillea must be the most resilient plant on earth– this gal was detached from our house not once but twice for a collective three weeks, and after a few weeks of looking skeletal, she began blooming again one hot summer afternoon).

The house was originally a greyish exterior with a farmhouse brown door.  I’m very happy with the change. The house looks happy, too.

(Home sweet home)

The current color is Casablanca by Sherwin Williams, and the door is a hue called Bluebird Feather (we’d gone a lighter blue, and then repainted it a little darker).  We didn’t go bright white for the walls, the way Santorini buildings are, because we were afraid of blinding our neighbors.  But actually, now that I look at our house, I think we could go Santorini-bright the next time we give the exterior a paint job.

Here’s what inspired us — Santorini in all of its breathtaking loveliness:

(View from the Katikies Hotel)

(A typical Santorini door w/bougainvillea)

I’ll provide more renovation details at some point soon, including photos of my home office where I write (is your heart pounding in anticipation?!).  But for now, I have to go back to unloading boxes.  I learned, yet again, how important it is to be mindful before you acquire anything new.  I thought I donated and sold a lot of stuff over the past few years, but apparently, I haven’t been vigilant enough about new stuff coming in or diligent enough about getting stuff out.  Wow, I have a lot of books and shoes and hats…

I’ve already filled three more boxes for donation during the process of unloading our storage unit (which we’ve happily gotten rid of).  Is it just me, or is stuffocation a common household ailment in America??  If you have any tips for avoiding this ailment, please do share!