Fun fact about baby elephants

Here’s a fun fact about baby elephants…

Baby elephants may look fuzzy and soft…but they’re not!

Baby elephants have patches of long hairs on their head and on their bodies.  This hair is extremely coarse — each strand feels like a thick, rough bristle or wire.  Why do they have this hair?  According to experts, it has a lot of functions. It protects them from bugs, like pesky flies. It also protects them from the heat. Each hair transfers heat from the elephant’s body into the air.  Like tiny straws that filter out heat.

And even though baby elephants aren’t fuzzy or soft, they are very cute and sweet. And they absolutely love to play and goof around, just like any little kid. In fact, they’re rascals! They will steal your fruit when you’re not looking. They will try to climb on your shoulders if you’re seated on the ground. They will explore your face with their cute little trunks. But make sure you check in with Big Mama Elephant before you pet her baby.

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