Rescuing Turtles

In Florida, there’s a cool place called the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. 

Anyone can visit, and it’s a really great place to meet turtles. You see, it’s kind of a turtle hospital.  They even have a turtle ambulance.

It’s a place where sick and injured turtles are taken to get better. Here’s a poor little guy whose shell was cracked by a boat. He can’t dip under the water because his shell has a hole in it.

And this poor girl is just tired and sickly.

But if you go with your parents or aunt or uncle or friends, you can learn all about turtles and make a donation to help them.

You can also check out their cool gift shop, and anything they make will go to help the turtles, too.

Can you believe how big turtles can grow to be??

What are they looking at??

That’s an old turtle skeleton on the ceiling.

I hope all these little turtles get well soon.