Children’s Day

In the U.S., we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But did you know that in some other countries (such as South Korea), they also celebrate Children’s Day???

Children’s Day falls every year at the beginning of May, and it’s a day filled with parades, fun activities and parties for kids. You might even receive a gift or two if you’ve been a good kid.

Basically, Children’s Day is like having a second birthday, except all your friends’ birthdays fall on the same day and you all celebrate together.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a second birthday celebration? Especially if the entire country celebrated with you??

Here’s a photo of my husband Eugene (The Geno) as a little kid, with his wonderful big sis.  Maybe they wore these traditional Korean clothes on Children’s Day…maybe they dressed like this everyday (jk)!  In any case, they look super cute! And this photo totally captures their personalities as adults: The Geno always wants to have fun and goof around, and his sister is simply perfect.