What’s your favorite food?

OMG, I love talking & dreaming & thinking about food. I love nearly all types of cuisine, but my staples are Korean (yum, the noodles, soups and stews), Mexican (shrimp tacos, por favor), Italian (linguine alle vongole is my fave), Japanese (sushi, soba and udon, please!) and Thai (gosh, I love mango sticky rice). L.A. has excellent food offerings, which is one of the reasons why I love it. I’m annoyingly snooty when it comes to chocolate, coffee and tea. I love dark chocolate (with at least 65% cocoa content), and my preferred brands (if you’d like to send me a gift) are: Valrhona, Maison du Chocolat, Lindt and Bachmann (which you can only find in Switzerland, the last time I checked). As for tea, my preferred brands are Mariage Frères and Palais des Thés. I don’t drink too much coffee because it makes me jittery, but I do love Illy and Philz.