So what’s your favorite movie?

Tough question after tough question!  Can a girl get a break?! I love everything from super goofy humor (Coming to America, Bridesmaids) to really epic dramas  (Lawrence of Arabia, Casablanca) and recent releases like La La Land and Get Out. My favorite Pixar animation is The Incredibles. Don’t you love that moment when Dash finds out he can use his legs to make his mother/raft a speedboat??  It was so thrilling. In the movie Paris Je T’aime, I love the chapter directed by Alexander Payne – it’s at once hilarious and lovely. I love Sideways by Alexander Payne as well. And Mad Max: Fury Road – WOW. And boy, Kathryn Bigelow is amazing. I could spend the entire next week listing all the movies I love. And as a kid, I loved the TV series The Twilight Zone. I would watch entire marathon weekends until my mom would yell at me to turn off the TV.

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