Do you see a lot of movie stars at the studio where you work?

It depends.  I spend a lot of time in my office building, and when I do go outside and walk across the giant studio, my mind wanders all over the place.  So I don’t pay close attention to the faces around me.  Once, a familiar-looking guy said hello, and I smiled and nodded back.  After he passed by, it hit me that it was Brad Pitt.  I also once noticed a man sitting by himself at a table, and all these people slowed down to look over.  I was too busy thinking about lunch or book ideas or something like that to pay attention, until someone said, “Did you see Stephen Spielberg over there??”  I’m not terribly star-struck. They’re just people after all.  But if I saw one of my favorite writers walking towards me, I’d probably faint or yell out “I love you!”

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