The beautiful cover, courtesy of Colleen Kong-Savage + Lee & Low. This image is composed of meticulously-shaped bits of paper from around the world.

The Turtle Ship

The Turtle Ship will be published and released by Lee & Low this JUNE 2018!

The Turtle Ship is a picture book about a boy named Sun-sin who dares to dream BIG, even though people laugh at him. Inspired by his pet turtle, he enters a national engineering contest for the best battleship design. It’s loosely based on true facts about the Korean hero Admiral Yi Sun-sin and his incredible turtle ship. Brilliant artist Colleen Kong-Savage illustrated the book with exquisite paper collage.

You can see more about the book on Lee & Low’s website.

GIVEAWAY: From now through July, I will be running a giveaway! These are the simple rules: 1) Purchase the book and 2) email a photo/copy of your proof of purchase to: If your receipt shows the purchase of multiple copies, you will be entered multiple times. Five winners will be randomly selected (by a software program) at the end of July! Each winner will receive a signed copy of the book (signed by both me and Colleen, and if desired, the inscription can be personalized to whomever you want) + swag (cool stuff you will want to show off).

Below are the links to order the books. There may be better retailer options in your region!

Cover art to be revealed once it's ready!

The Paper Kingdom

This is my second picture book, which will be illustrated by talented artist Pascal Campion and published by Penguin Random House. More details are coming soon. For now, check out the Publisher’s Weekly announcement. And Pascal’s amazing work is on Instagram.

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