A peek at an early draft of the cover art, courtesy of Colleen Kong-Savage + Lee & Low

The Turtle Ship

“The Turtle Ship” will be published in mid 2018 by Lee & Low. It’s a picture book about a boy who saves his embattled country by designing a ship that resembles his pet turtle. It’s loosely based on true facts about the Korean hero Admiral Yi Sunsin and his turtle ship. The book is being illustrated by brilliant artist Colleen Kong-Savage.

You can see the announcement halfway down the page here on Publisher’s Weekly.

I’ll provide further publication info and previews as the release date nears  

In the meantime, check out info about the real turtle ship here.

This is my second picture book, which will be illustrated by talented artist Pascal Campion and published by Penguin Random House. More details are coming soon. For now, check out the Publisher’s Weekly announcement to the right.