The beautiful cover, courtesy of Colleen Kong-Savage + Lee & Low. This image is composed of meticulously-shaped bits of paper from around the world.


The Turtle Ship will be published and released by Lee & Low on JUNE 5, 2018!

The Turtle Ship is a picture book about a boy who saves his embattled country by designing a ship that resembles his pet turtle. It’s loosely based on true facts about the Korean hero Admiral Yi Sun-sin and his incredible turtle ship. The book is being illustrated by brilliant artist Colleen Kong-Savage. Visit Colleen’s website for a closer look at her beautiful paper collages and illustrations.

You can see more about the book on Lee & Low’s website.

Here is the original announcement about the book deal in Publisher’s Weekly (scroll to halfway down the page).

This is my second picture book, which will be illustrated by talented artist Pascal Campion and published by Penguin Random House. More details are coming soon. For now, check out the Publisher’s Weekly announcement. And Pascal’s amazing work is on Instagram.